Udemy Devalues Quality Content While Nurturing a Discount Mentality

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Udemy have once again changed the rules and become the bully of the playground. While many instructors may embrace the change and convince themselves that this is a positive move, take a moment to think of the instructors who joined Udemy at the outset. They were offered a totally different deal. There was no cap on course pricing and promotions were special, not commonplace.

These instructors invested hundreds of hours creating premium courses that were worth (and still are) the premium prices they were asking.

Now Udemy has turned around and basically said, “We don’t care how much you think your course is worth. We don’t care how much students have paid for your courses in the past. It’s our playground, and if you want to stay you play by our rules”.

Udemy has stated that the students have dictated how much they are willing to spend on an online course.

Well, I suppose if your target market is bargain hunters and discount shoppers then the audience Udemy attracts will only spend $20 to $50 on a course, regardless of the quality.

And as Udemy instructors endeavour to rationalise this move, I would like to offer up another truth. Now, more than ever, course creators are publishing their courses on their own platforms and are enjoying 6 and even 7 figure launches.

Personally, I have spent in excess of US$6500 in online courses and mentoring over the last 12 months, and that was only 3 courses.

For Udemy to state that people are only willing to pay up to $50 for a course is absolutely ludicrous!

If you are providing valuable content along with good quality coaching and support people will pay what you want to charge.

It’s really a mindset thing. Udemy is all about volume. They need to sell courses, it’s their business, they are nothing more than a marketplace. For you to make a decent living from selling courses for $20 to $50 -, well you’ll have to sell a lot of courses.

On the other hand, if you publish your course on your own site, without being dictated to on how much you can charge, how often you can contact your students and what you can actually say to them, you can sell your courses at a premium rate, attract a higher quality student and because you don’t need tens of thousands of students to make a decent living you can also interact with them at a higher level.

So what has happened on Udemy to enable it and it’s instructors to run the winning race to the bottom?

When Udemy first started they didn’t run the continuous, heavy discounts that they do today. There may have been a short promotion once a month, so instructors had a better chance for their courses to retain their value.

As I mentioned earlier, there were no pricing limits when Udemy first started so instructors could charge a fair fee for their courses.

Over time, as people came to learn about the online course bonanza, every man and his dog started posting courses to Udemy. Now it’s not Udemy’s fault, but while they monitored production quality they did little to ensure the quality of the content.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many high-quality courses on Udemy. But there is also a lot of rubbish. A lot of high priced rubbish. And this is where I believe students start to get confused about pricing.

Also, instructors artificially inflate their pricing without ever believing their courses will sell for the list price. Because of the continuous, heavy discounting of the never ending Udemy promotions, instructors wanted to demonstrate the value the discounted price held.

In my opinion, Udemy has really let their instructors down.

While many hail Udemy and the new pricing structures as a positive move, take a moment to consider the instructors who have spent hundreds of hours, creating premium content, who’s livelihood depends on course sales. What impact is this going to have on them?

Plus the time wasting…

I’m lucky I’ve only got four published courses on Udemy. Now I have to go back through all my blog posts and YouTube videos and update the offers because they fall outside of Udemy’s new rules. I’m a busy person and this doesn’t impress me.

Will Udemy continue to be part of my marketing strategy?

Probably not.

My existing courses will stay published on Udemy but I’m not going to waste my time promoting them. I wonder how long it will take until things change again and Udemy will only allow instructors to charge $0.99 to $9.99 for their courses.

Udemy devalues quality content and fosters a discount mentality which erodes the profitability of the online education space.

Where To From Here?

If you are interested in creating an online course but would like to charge a premium price and have the freedom to communicate with your students as and when you feel then I’m here to help.

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