Would You Like to be a Guest On My Show?

If you’re an experienced online instructor, author on the topic of online course creation or marketing, or have skills and knowledge to share on any aspect of online course design, creation, presentation, publishing or marketing then we’d love to hear from you!

Not only can your expertise assist the ever growing audience of the Ecourse Domination Podcast, being a guest on the show is a great way to showcase and promote your own products and services.

Interviews are usually conducted over Skype and are audio only. We are also looking at using Blab for some podcast episodes and this content will include both audio and video. You will receive a copy of the raw interview audio file for your own use.

Send me an email at AskTim@EcourseDomination.com and we’ll get your interview scheduled!

About The Podcast

The eCourse Domination Podcast is targeted towards those who are interested in the creation of online training programs.




Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned instructor, the eCourse Domination podcast will continue to deliver value and fresh information. From topical discussions with your host Tim Cooper, to interviews with experts in all areas of online course creation from concept to market and beyond, you will discover all you need to create successful and profitable courses.

We will be talking about the different options when it comes to online course delivery, including

  • automated text only email series
  • drip feed video and/or audio
  • in-house staff training for small business and corporations
  • creating for Udemy and similar platforms
  • hosting your own courses

As you can see, the eCourse Domination Podcast embraces the versatility that online course delivery has to offer and will continue to deliver fresh content.

To keep our content relevant we invite you to submit questions on any aspects of online course creation and marketing. Please direct your questions to AskTim@EcourseDomination.com.

If you haven’t done so already please jump over to our page on iTunes or Stitcher and subscribe to the show. Also please be sure to leave us a rating and review.