Teach Online | Creating Your Online Course Sales Page with Scott Beebe

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In this episode, I help Scott Beebe break down the conceptual, logical view of his online course into emotionally based benefits for his students and share Ray Edwards’ template for a sales letter known as the P.A.S.T.O.R framework.

We start the call with an overview of the importance of setting up associated websites within YouTube. With associated website you can link out directly to pages on your website.

I like to use the Cards feature within YouTube. They appear at predetermined times within the video but are accessible at any time during video playback by simply clicking the I symbol in the top right of the video. These links also work when the video is embedded in other sites like your blog and Facebook.

This ramps up the marketing benefits of your YouTube videos.

We then move on and look at Scott’s course page on Teachable and the landing page at CreateAFamilyVision.com

What stands out is the lack of sale copy. To encourage students to purchase your course, you have to spell out the benefits.

In this call, I talk Scott through the process. We start at a very conceptual, logical level and break it down into emotionally driven benefits. As we identify a benefit we look for the ‘benefit of the benefit’. We continue this process until we identify some benefits that will trigger an emotional response in the reader.

We talk about the importance of qualifying the reader early on. Make it clear very early in the piece what the course is about and who the course is for.

I then talk Scott through Ray Edward’s P.A.S.T.O.R framework.

(Note: I did get the R wrong during the call. It stands for Response, not Risk Reversal)

Have you written a detailed, emotionally charged sales letter for your online course?

A well-written sales letter that contains a few keywords will not only clarify what your course is about and generate more sales for you; it will also help Google and other search engines work out what your page is about and rank it in the search engines.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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