The Power Of Re-purposing Content: How To Transcribe Your Online Course Content For Free

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Okay, why should I transcribe my online course material you may ask.

Well transcribing your course material is a great way to re-purpose your content.

You can provide full transcripts for those who prefer to read their information.

You can create promotional materials or lead magnets to build your list of subscribers.

You can create Kindle books that link back to your online course.

And what about white papers, special reports and infographics? These can all be created from the transcribed content.

Unless your a great typist, transcribing your online course material yourself can be extremely time consuming. You have to ask yourself, “Where is my time better spent?”. The answer should be creating more courses not transcribing them!

Transcription services range in quality and price. If you can afford US$1 per minute or more for a human transcription service that’s great. Personally I’ve got other areas I need to funnel my finances into.

In this video I demonstrate how to transcribe your online course material for free using an online machine transcription service called I then demonstrate how to clean up and correct the machine transcription using another free tool called

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