How To Market Your Udemy Course: Posting Free Coupons To The Udemy Studio Facebook Group

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You’ve just published your Udemy course, it’s passed the Udemy review process and it’s LIVE! Now what!?

This a challenge many new instructors face. How to get your online course out in front of prospective students.

Once you have two or more related courses it’s a little easier because you can promote your courses to your existing students.

But what if you don’t have any students to promote to?

A great place to start is with family and friends. Send them a free coupon and ask that they go through the course and leave you a review. Social proof is very important when it comes to promoting and marketing your course.

There are many channels available for offering your course for free to build up student numbers, and there are a number of very good, comprehensive courses on Udemy on where to find these sites. I personally know of approximately 50 sites where you can promote free and discounted courses – way too many to go into here ๐Ÿ™‚

Many believe the best place to start is the Udemy Studio Facebook group.

The Udemy Studio Facebook group has stringent guild-lines on how coupons must be posted and this video will take you through the process, step-by-step.

You can only post free coupons to the group and you cannot blatantly ask for reviews.

This is a good place to promote your course because chances are other Udemy instructors will take up your coupon offer, complete the course and leave you a review. We all know how important reviews are and will happily give a good review if we feel the course warrants it.

It should also be noted that if you post the full link to your free coupon in the Udemy Studio it could very well end up on other sites. People watch the group for new coupon offering and post into other coupon sites such as Best Black Hat Forum.

This isn’t bad as it gets your course offering out to a broader audience. If, however, you don’t want your coupon code posted all over the internet you can request that members of the Udemy Studio send you a personal message requesting the link.

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  • jjnboy

    Can you give me some websites to promote my coupon? (such as BlackHatFourm). Maybe your top 5-10.


  • Tim Cooper

    Hi Justin

    Great to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is what I do when it comes to promoting my courses.

    When I first publish a course on Udemy I make a total of 1000 free coupons available. As SEO is constantly changing on Udemy I don’t know how long this strategy will work to help rank the course.

    I make 250 coupons available to the Udemy Studio Facebook group AFTER I have posted 500 coupons to BestBlackHat forum and 250 coupons to

    I want the majority of the coupons posted to the Udemy Studio to be taken up by instructors who will hopefully leave a review (it is against one of Udemys’ many, many rules to ask for a review so don’t, otherwise you may be on the receiving end of their new strike system). There are people in the Studio group who will post your coupon to other sites unless you post there first.

    When it comes to free coupons I have the best take up from BestBlackForum.

    When it comes to paid coupons I follow a different strategy that doesn’t include coupon sites but have had success with BestBlackForums in the past.

    There are some Facebook Groups dedicated to free and discount coupons –

    Online course coupons is also a great place to post discount coupons –

    Some other sites include –

    I hope this helps. I’ll look at addressing this in more detail in an upcoming Podcast episode.



  • Mayank Tyagi

    You can also post your coupons to there are more than 18000 students and instructors