How To Create Online Courses That Sell: Expert Interview Series

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When you are first starting out with creating online courses you have so many questions. I know I did.

So I though wouldn’t it be great to get people who have already created successful online courses on a call and ask them the questions you’ve been asking.

Ask them the questions that have been holding you back.

How do I know the questions you’ve been asking?

Well I scoured the internet. I searched blogs, forums, Facebook Groups, YouTube, Udemy course reviews and discussions.

I searched everywhere I could find where people were talking about online course development.

I compiled and formatted all the questions people were asking and then I started contacting experts.

While each of the initial three interviews followed the same format they each provide unique insights and information as each expert brings their experience and knowledge to the table.

This course contains the details of those expert interviews and it continues to grow as I interview more experts each month.

The price of this course will increase periodically as new content is added. This is the only place where you are guaranteed to pick up a copy for only $19 no matter what the current list price is.

If you’re interested in creating an online course but have some nagging questions holding you back then don’t delay. Get your copy of “Creating Online Courses That Sell: Expert Interview Series” today!