Discover the Power of Blab for Online Instructors & Coaches with Johnny Beirne & Mark Timberlake | Full Replay

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Blab is an exciting new social media tool that allows collaboration and interaction in a relatively easy to use interface. Blab is still in beta and very much in it’s infancy. No doubt the interface will continue to evolve over the coming weeks and months and we will hopefully see many more features and improvements to the platform.

In earlier posts I have discussed the power of Periscope and how as online instructors and coaches we can use this relatively new kid on the block to give our students and coaching clients a unique experience while interacting with them live. You can find out more about my Periscope for Online Instructors & Coaches course here.

Well blab is every bit just as exciting as Periscope when it comes to live interaction and engagement with your students and coaching clients. This this, my very first Blab, I demonstrate how we can bring a wealth of value to our audience through live tutorials, expert interviews and coaching hot seats.

I’m joined by my good friends and topic experts Johnny Beirne and Mark Timberlake for a discussion on the various aspects and options for online course creation, publishing and marketing.

Watch as participants hop into the hot seat and are coached live. This is a truly powerful and exciting platform for presenters, coaches, mentors and instructors.

I hope you enjoy the replay and please, if you have any questions or feedback please comment below.

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