TimLightBlueAbout Tim Cooper

I would have to admit that I’m a passionate lifelong learner. After spending 26 years in software development and design, I decided it was time to explore another passion of mine – natural health.

After studying herbalism and remedial massage I went on to enjoy a 10 year career working with elite athletes and professional sports teams.

But what I really enjoyed was exchanging knowledge. I have had the privilege to have worked with some brilliant minds and highly skilled individuals. They taught me a lot and now I have this burning desire to educate others and to bring value to those looking at improving their lives.

I’ve been teaching and coaching for a number of years now. I’ve trained people in a variety of skills from using various software packages to applying advanced remedial massage techniques. Now I’m embracing the online training world.

I started eCourse Domination with one specific goal in mind. To make it the most comprehensive resource available for online course developers and with new content and expert interviews being added on a regular basis eCourse Domination is well on it’s way to achieving that goal.

Having spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours studying and being coached by some of the best in the internet marketing field, I am confident and highly proficient in all areas of market research, product creation and marketing.

I have immersed myself into everything related to the development and marketing of online courses. You could say I have become a student of the student.

If you have a question or would like to know more about a specific topic please feel free to contact me at AskTim@EcourseDomination.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Evan Humber

    Thanks again Tim for the conference call! Very informative

    • http://ecoursedomination.com Tim Cooper

      It was an absolute pleasure chatting with you Evan. I’m pleased you found the information useful 🙂