Don’t Let Them Dazzle or Disillusion You with the Numbers

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Udemy is not the be all and end all, nor is it the centre of the online education universe. In this episode I explain why there is plenty of room in the market for sensibly priced courses. Don’t assume that Udemy is the first place everyone goes when they want to purchase a course –…

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How to Attract Students and Charge What You Want | The Benefits of Becoming an Authority in Your Niche | With Tom Morkes

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As an online course creator you basically have two options when it comes to publishing your course – join a low end marketplace model like Udemy and subject yourself to total disempowerment and pricing restrictions, or establish yourself as an authority and charge a premium for your material. If you feel your material is only…

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Udemy Devalues Quality Content While Nurturing a Discount Mentality

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Udemy have once again changed the rules and become the bully of the playground. While many instructors may embrace the change and convince themselves that this is a positive move, take a moment to think of the instructors who joined Udemy at the outset. They were offered a totally different deal. There was no cap…

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