Copywriting for Online Course Creators | How to Write Copy That Sells | With Ray Edwards

copywriting, marketing, teach online, online course, udemy

What role does copywriting play in the design and creation of online courses? We all know the importance of good copy when it comes to promoting and selling your courses, however copywriting should weave a thread through everything you do. In this interview, I speak with Ray Edwards about the importance of learning how to…

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How to Turn Your Online Course Into a Book with Scott Beebe

teach online, online course, udemy, elearning, ecourse

Turn your online course into a book. What a powerful marketing strategy. One that I see employed more and more often, and why not? It works! In this episode, I walk Scott through the simple steps involved in getting your video course transcribed for free. Yes, there are paid options but if you’re on a…

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Teach Online | Copywriting – Tips & Tricks to Writing Good Copy with Scott Beebe

Teach online, online course, udemy, elearning, marketing, copywriting

If you’re new to writing copy even getting started can be a daunting prospect. What do you say? How are you going to convince a person to click on a link or purchase your online course simply through the use of the written word? In this episode, I follow up with Scott and review the…

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Teach Online | How To Sell More Online Courses With John Thompson

teach online, online course, udemy, elearning, ecourse, make money online

Avoid one of the biggest mistakes people make when they first start out creating their online course. Approaching course creation from a totally different angle will get your courses to market faster and increase sales. The market is changing, it’s hard to sell a long winded, definitive course. Here’s what to do instead… John Thompson…

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