How to Expand Your Reach, Build Your Authority and Increase Your Income Using Books | with Derek Doepker

Online Course, Teach online, Tim Cooper, Derek Doepker, Udemy, Amazion

In this interview Derek Doepker and I discuss the integral role books play in expanding your reach, building your authority, and increasing your income through additional course sales plus the revenue your book sales bring in. Subscribe: iTunes In past episodes I’ve shared with you the approach many online course creators take when it comes…

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How to 10x Your Online Course Sales and Increase Student Retention Using The Experience Product Phenomenon | with Marisa Murgatroyd

experience product phenomonen

Information products are dead. The road to riches depends on more than just simply creating a few videos and publishing them to an online learning system. Today’s consumer is looking for more than just information. They are looking for an experience. They are seeking guidance and fulfilment. The writing is on the wall. 2015 saw…

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Marketing Funnels for Online Course Creators | Why Online Course Creators Need Click Funnels | With Mark Bangerter

click funnels for online course creators

With so many online course hosting sites out there, and more popping up every day, it’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed and struggling to make a choice on where to publish your course. The point is you have to make a choice otherwise all your ideas and hard work will simply go to waste. But what…

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How to Market and Promote Your Online Course | Marketing Strategies That Work with Chris Greenwood

how to market and promote your online course

In this episode we talk Udemy v Premium courses, platforms, promotional material, marketing channels and so much more. There is plenty of opportunity to build a profitable and rewarding online course business. Today we look beyond the confines of Udemy and the options you have to host and promote your own courses. Creating premium courses over…

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Everything You Need To Know About Creating Online Courses | With Devin Slavin | Online Course Creation Summit

Have you ever considered creating an online course but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve created an online course and having trouble choosing a platform or finding students. In this episode, I speak with Devin Slavin about the steps to creating and publishing your online course. We pull back the curtain and dismiss…

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Teach Online | How To Build Your Affiliate Network with Matt McWilliams

Afraid to self-publish your online course for fear of not finding enough students? Discover how to build an army of affiliates ready and waiting to promote your course to their lists. One of the biggest obstacles standing between an online instructor and self-publishing courses is the fear of not being able to find enough students.…

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Don’t Let Them Dazzle or Disillusion You with the Numbers

teach online, online course, authority, leadership, authority super summit

Udemy is not the be all and end all, nor is it the centre of the online education universe. In this episode I explain why there is plenty of room in the market for sensibly priced courses. Don’t assume that Udemy is the first place everyone goes when they want to purchase a course –…

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How to Attract Students and Charge What You Want | The Benefits of Becoming an Authority in Your Niche | With Tom Morkes

authority super summit, teach online, online course

As an online course creator you basically have two options when it comes to publishing your course – join a low end marketplace model like Udemy and subject yourself to total disempowerment and pricing restrictions, or establish yourself as an authority and charge a premium for your material. If you feel your material is only…

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Udemy Devalues Quality Content While Nurturing a Discount Mentality

teach online, online course, udemy, make money online

Udemy have once again changed the rules and become the bully of the playground. While many instructors may embrace the change and convince themselves that this is a positive move, take a moment to think of the instructors who joined Udemy at the outset. They were offered a totally different deal. There was no cap…

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Copywriting for Online Course Creators | How to Write Copy That Sells | With Ray Edwards

copywriting, marketing, teach online, online course, udemy

What role does copywriting play in the design and creation of online courses? We all know the importance of good copy when it comes to promoting and selling your courses, however copywriting should weave a thread through everything you do. In this interview, I speak with Ray Edwards about the importance of learning how to…

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